Massimo Magee – Gradient

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Massimo Magee, Gradient, 2016
Massimo Magee, Gradient, 2016

The first in a series of one day micro-residency ‘happenings’ in the Dissenters’ Gallery, Chapel and Catacombs. Massimo Magee will continue developing and exploring his sound and image process to create a gradient glitch art print.

About the artist

Massimo Magee – Artist, writer and musician based in London. Selected as one of the ‘Ten Artists to Watch’ by the Los Angeles Centre for Digital Art in March/April 2016, and I currently have two works in the Contemporary Venice exhibition in Palazzo Flangini. Exhibited as part of the Glitch Art is Dead exhibition in Krakow, Poland and re-exhibiting with the Glitch Artists Collective in Minneapolis, USA in March 2017.