Journey to the Interior

Journey to the Interior

Journey to the Interior, 21st May, 2017, 6pm, Kensal Green Cemetery and Dissenters Chapel.

A multi-sensory, participatory performance and a feast, inspired by George Bellas Greenough, a geologist and a founder of the Geological Society, London as well as Jules Verne’s story the Journey to the Centre of the Earth.

Just like geologists, who look for clues in rocks’ appearance, texture and feel to understand their origins in the depth of the Earth and distant past, you will be encouraged to use all your senses to guide you along a fantastical journey, through the sediments of memories and through the strata of your own imagination. What you discover will to some extent depend on you.

The expedition, consisting of a number of fascinating sensory encounters, will culminate in a specially designed feast, a moment where  landscape is literally ingested and internalised. The food will be created specially by chef Ben Spalding and based on geological themes.

The project is an outcome of a long developmental process, consisting of a sensory workshops exploring various aspects of storytelling through all the senses. It’s a collaboration between filmmaker Tereza Stehlikova and a creative team of artists, scientists and philosophers (see below for a full list), interested in sensory perception and aesthetics.

The performance will happen within the context of Open Senses weekend, a London wide festival, dedicated to the senses, and is supported by Czech Centre London as well as Dissenters Gallery.

Limited tickets available on request – Click Here for Tickets